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30 Rock Blackface Episodes Removed From Amazon Prime And Hulu

30 Rock was ranked as one of the best funniest TV shows ever. However, like those other shows, 30 Rock occasionally removed from the streaming channel Hulu and Amazon. And now, well according to the show’s creators, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock not all of that controversial humor series has aged. In fact, they are now calling for four episodes of the show to be removed from all streaming and syndication platforms to use blackface for comic effects.

Episodes Removed From Amazon Prime And Hulu!!

In a statement posted on all platforms that broadcast the show, Fey wrote that as they try to work and improve the race in the United States, they believe that these episodes with actors with race-changing makeup have been out of circulation. Now we understand that trying” is not a free pass for whites to wear these images and we apologize for the pain they caused.

30 Rock' Blackface Episodes Removed From Streaming Services - The ...


In the future, no comedy-loving child needs to stumble upon these crops and sting with their ugliness. We thank NBCUniversal for complying with this request. All four episodes featuring this show removed from both services Hulu and Amazon. And the other two are removed from the streaming platform very soon.

This is not the first show!!

Of course, 30 Rock isn’t the first show to have an episode with Blackface removed. In particular, Netflix recently released a popular episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, arguing that its intoxicating cast was whether or not the use of blackface was acceptable. Even though this is simply a parody of white arrogance, this episode is unlikely to return, at least not in the near future. Other shows like [Little Britain], [The Mighty Bosh], and [W/Bob and David] all are faced with the same backlash situation at their times, respectively.

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