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16-Year-Old Boy Dies After He Accidentally Got His Hand Stuck In A Underwater Metal Bar Inside A Jacuzzi Pool

A 16-year-old boy died in an aqua park jacuzzi pool just days after getting his hand stuck between underwater metal bars in the pool.

Found Unconcious

The 16-year-old was discovered “unconscious and blue” by the lifeguards in the water at Russian water park Aquamir.

Lifeguards successfully rescue the 16-year-old boy from the 4ft pool and resuscitate him, but the 16-year-old tragically died five days later in hospital.

The 16-year-old boy – who has not been described – is stated to have been “swimming around” like other kids but disappeared underwater for “at least five minutes” after his hand got stuck between metal bars below the surface.

Boy Hands And Feet Turn Blue

An eyewitness said that the boy’s “hands and feet turn blue” when he was pulled from the water by the lifeguards.

Despite allowing “clinical death,” aqua park staff managed to revive him four minutes after his heart stopped beating.

Eyewitness Konstantinsaid that ‘Several people were attempting to pull the 16-year-old out.’

‘A lifeguard dived many times before he succeeded to free his hand.’

‘Then they pulled the boy out and began resuscitating him straight away.’

A health ministry spokesman stated that the boy had sustained clinical death while in the pool.

The boy’s relatives have registered a criminal lawsuit against the aqua park for “failing to guarantee safety.”

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