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13-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Claims 10-Year-Old Isn’t Dad, She Molested By Fat, Tall Man


A 13-year-old girl claims that her friend, a 10-year-old boy, was her baby’s father, has, in a harsh turn, claimed the real dad is a tall fat man who molested her.

Darya, now 14, was only 13 years old when her story was discovered around the world after she claimed she and a boy, aged 10 had consensual love sessions, which got her pregnant.

The Russian girl had arrived in a nationwide TV show to make her claim, and both the girl and the boy were stuck to their story, despite medical experts saying it was not possible.

In a radical turn of the display, the young schoolgirl took to her social media page to tell her 208,000 followers the painful truth, which she had lacked the courage to admit.

She confessed all about the biological dad, who is not her boyfriend Ivan but a tall man who impregnated after he molested her.

Decline The Claims

Before now, she had previously strongly denied a report from Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that claimed she was assaulted on an apartment block staircase by a teen boy.

Doctor Statements

Dr. Evgeny Grekov, a urology and andrology expert, who observed Ivan, the supposed father, told that Father at 10!?’ that it was never a possibility that Ivan got Darya pregnant.

He also added that “There cannot be sperm cells. “He is still a child.”

Still Sticking With Story

She and the 10-year-old Ivan still emphasizing that their story is real and she is cleared about how she became pregnant, despite doctors saying it was impracticable.

Last month they disclosed the fact that the baby would be a girl who they planned to call Karolina and raise together.

Police and the Russian Investigative Committee do not have any words on the case.

Now, after six months, Darya expects to give birth by Caesarean.

She has gained many followers in Russia, revealing details and updates about her pregnancy.

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