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13 Reasons Why: Why Was It Connected To Spike In Teen Suicide Rates?

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has been most of the loved shows curated by the online streaming giant. But it has also been the most controversial of the shows because the backdrop of the show is based on suicide.

The Storyline Of 13 Reasons Why

It revolves around a high school girl who died by suicide and left behind herself a series of video recordings and other material that showcases the reasons and people behind her taking such a drastic step. The video recordings are then handed over to one of her school mates who watches them and after that a series of events take place.

Highly Criticised Yet Famous Show

The show, however, has now come to an end after delivering successful four seasons. But this web drama was also in the limelight for being one of the most controversial shows because it depicted violence and the scenes of suicide and killings in a very realistic manner. And we know that in today’s time the number of suicides taking place among the high school students is increasing day by day. And this is a big cause of concern.

13 Reasons Why'
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The Show had A Ton Of Indecent Content

But what even became controversial for the show and its makers was that the show ever since its release was getting linked to the spike in suicide rates. Because of the contention that the show having a suicidal plot intrigued the youngsters more who had suicidal thoughts and encouraged them further for the same.

Also, a survey also showed that during the phase of the launch of the seasons of the show the percentage just showed a spike which was a really big concern. And after that Netflix started giving a warning before watching the episodes as it can be the best done by them. Well, now the show has come to an end and slowly it is moving away from such controversies.

Apart from all these controversies, the show was still able to garner applause and appreciation from the viewers all around the world. Personally, these shows should be created keeping in mind every negative effect they can have on society.

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