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Zachery Levi: So He Think Shazam! Can Beat Thor In A Fight

Who will win in a fight, Shazam or Thor? Zachery Levi responds!!!

Zachery Levi feels that Shazam will defeat Thor in a fight, expressing his complete confidence in the DC superhero he featured for the 2019 movie.

Zachery Levi feels that Shazam will defeat Thor in a fight!!!

One of the many actors to appear in the film adaptations of Marvel and DC, Levi portrayed Shazam in the hit 2019 movie. As the superhero teen superhero Billy Baston, Levi was one of the many reasons why Shazam went so well. received by the public and critics. Rich in heart and humor, the feature stood out compared to some of the deeper narratives that emerged from the sprawling DC universe. Levi has also appeared in two Thor movies, sharing the small role of Fendral with Josh Dallas.

But in recent comments, Levy has acknowledged his preference for the DC side of accounting. Of course, the question of how two comic book creations can go in a showdown is a common one. It was produced in 1976 by Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Battle of the Century jointly by DC and Marvel. Other largely non-canonical crusaders followed, with a showdown between Batman and The Hulk and the team from The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans.

At least as Zachery Levi sees it, however, this is not a question at all. During a live broadcast on his Instagram page, Levi was asked who he believed would be victorious in the Shazam-Thor fight. The Chuck star didn’t need time to weigh the pros and cons of each iconic character.

“Shazam will win,” he replied. “It sounds like rhetoric”.

The showdown, which has been asked about Levi in ​​particular, has proven particularly popular, battling an earlier version of DC’s Thor with an evil version of Shazam. The fight on the big screen affected by special effects and CGI will probably vary. It’s worth remembering that in his respective movies, Thor has super strength and exceptional durability. Shazam is, however, essentially invincible. It can only experience pain in the hands of a creature with similar powers.

Since Thor has lost his eye, it is safe to say that the two are not equal in their abilities. However, perhaps the real pleasure of watching the two protagonists interact is enjoyed by the fact that Shazam is 15 years old in the body of an adult. Thor, in his most recent MCU release, has also occasionally taken advantage of the more fickle side. It may be the case that if the movie CrossRovers ever happened between Marvel and DC, in both years, it would be largely cured.

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