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Young Boy Reveals Father Stomped Mother To Death With ‘Black Boots’

A child told his school teacher that he witnesses his father killing his mother with a boot

This week, police found a Kentucky mother of three who had been missing for nearly a month. Apparently, one of his sons helped solve the case after speaking to a school counselor.

The sources report that police found 38-year-old Rebecca Hoover in a warehouse Monday off Strawberry Lane near Louisville’s Ali International Airport. A Louisville coroner confirmed his death through a tattoo on his back.

On August 2, Rebecca Hoover’s mother claimed that her daughter is missing.

The man is taken into custody

On the same day Rebecca Hoover was discovered, police arrested her husband, 50-year-old Judson Hoover, and charged him with murder.

The boy explained the whole incidence to the teacher

The boy reportedly explained the murder, narrated that he saw his father in black boots stepping on his mother on the head about 20 times.

The boy added that he saw his father hit Rebecca Hoover with a set of keys; after which she stopped moving.

The same day, investigators arrested the suspect when he was coming to pick up his soon.

The CCTV footage showed the suspect carrying the woman’s body

According to his written arrest statement, Justin Hoover partnered with him and allowed investigators to search his home. Authorities said they found what appeared to be blood on the basement steps, but no arrests have been made to date.

According to Rebecca Hoover’s mother, on August 28, authorities first ransacked a warehouse in New Albany. Authorities then obtained a search warrant for a warehouse in Louisville after seeing CCTV footage showing Justin Hoover removing a 55-gallon container from the warehouse. The new division of Albany.

The surveillance footage also showed Justin Hoover moving something to a warehouse in New Albany on August 3. He removed the 55-gallon container on August 28, shortly after questioning the detectives.

Charges for the crime

As per the reports Justin Hoover was previously charged with domestic violence. In April, police arrested him after allegedly hitting his wife “15-20 times in the face, head, and neck”. One of the couple’s children ran to a neighbor’s house and called emergency services.

So far, authorities have not disclosed the official cause of Rebecca Hoover’s death, but have said they believe her husband is guilty.

According to the sources, Justin Hoover appeared in court on Thursday and confessed to killing his wife. He said he pleaded guilty to not allowing his 8-year-old to testify in the case.

Justin Hoover remains behind bars in Floyd County Jail.

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