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WWE Superstar The Undertaker Revealed About John Cena Clash At WrestelMania 34

Undertaker Claims

The Undertaker has admitted he was prepared for a 20- to 30-minute match against John Cena and felt a little disappointed about their WrestleMania encounter lasting under three minutes.

The 55-year-old WWE legend, originally named Mark Calaway, faced the face of WWE John Cena at WrestleMania 34 in 2018.

John Cena had challenged The Undertaker for a WrestleMania match multiple times before the event as he looked for a way to get his hands on the Greatest Stage of all.

Wrestlemania 34 match

The 16-time world champ attended WrestleMania 34 as a fan and would have his wish conferred as The Undertaker made his sensational return for an improvised match.

Speaking on the upcoming third episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride, he said that he was looking for that one performance that would bring him back to yesteryear.

And he confessed that he could have walked away from wrestling had the Cena clash been more than a three-minute clash.

Undertaker Opinion About The Match

Professionally, it was fine. Individually, it left me a little empty

I was able to train for the first time in a few years the way that I wanted to train pain-free in my hips.

I was planned to do a 20- to 30-minute match. You would think that match would have been a different deal, but…

I’m looking for that one special that one match that brings me back to yesteryear and delivers on the match itself, the story, and all the strength requirements to have a good match.

If it had happened with him, yeah, there’s a good chance that I could have walked away and been okay.

“But it was only a three-minute match, so what are you gonna do?”

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