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WWE Star Mark Henry And Lio Rush Feud

Two of WWE stars are having a heated discussion. WWE stars Mark Henry and Lio Rush have been engaged in a feud outside the wrestling ring. But this feud does not involve any physical moves. They both are having a feud by words.

Mark Henry Versus Lio Rush

The exchange of words between the two has been going on since last week. Both of them have taken their war on Twitter and are publically threatening each other.

Recently Lio Rush reacted to Mark Henry’s statement and tried to intimidate him. He said he will sue WWE Hall of Famer for defaming him in public.

Lio tweeted that Mark deserved to be remembered for the greatest heels turn ever. He should not be remembered for threatening 25 years old when the world is going through a pandemic.

Why Did The War Of Words Between The Two Begin?

Mark Henry was recently interviewed on the Busted Open Radio. On the program, Henry accused Lio Rush of lying to Mark’s face when he reached out to Rush when he had problems backstage. Henry also questioned Lio over the way he spent his money.

Mark Did An Instagram Live Too

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry then did an Instagram Live where he said Lio Rush did not take heed of Mark’s advice. Henry was advising Rush on how to navigate his way in WWE.

Lio Rush Replied Back On Twitter

Lio Rush did not take Mark’s comments kindly. He went on to tweet that Mark was lying. He even asked Mark to call Lio on his podcast so that they can have a conversation.

Mark Wants To Sue Lio

Mark threatened to sue Lio when he accused Henry of harming African-American wrestlers’ WWE careers. He wants Lio to apologize to him.

WWE's Mark Henry & Lio Rush In Heated Twitter Feud


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