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Wolverine: Marvel Could Be Planing To Make The Character Bisexual In MCU

Wolverine Could Be Bisexual In Upcoming Marvel Movies

Despite having over 50 years worth of comic book stories to adjust, Fox’s X-Men establishment despite everything felt free to mess up the famous Phoenix Saga twice, with their subsequent endeavor rapidly procuring notoriety for being one of the most noticeably awful comic book motion pictures in late memory just as the undesirable title of 2019’s greatest film industry bomb.

Marvel Might Be Planning To Make Wolverine Bisexual In The MCU
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It would appear that we probably won’t see the MCU’s X-Men until as distant as Phase Six, which gives Marvel a lot of time to make sense of an approach to reexamine a property that crowds have just observed leveled, rebooted and spun off various occasions. The majority of the theory has been based on Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman supposedly turning down the studio’s proposal to return. In contrast, incalculable on-screen characters have just been connected as his potential substitution.

This Is What Fans Can Expect

What’s more, that is because one thought being examined in the background is clearly to have the MCU’s Wolverine depicted as bisexual, which really has a point of reference in the pages of Marvel Comics.

As the individuals who read the funnies will know, in 2013 it was uncovered that an imaginary world form of James ‘Logan’ Howlett was involved with Hercules, while recently it was indicated that the affection triangle between Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Gray was significantly more mind-boggling than the first idea.

The X-Men funnies have gained notoriety for being dynamic, obviously, and keeping in mind that this would no uncertainty stir the trolls on the off chance that it turned out to be a piece of MCU group, it would positively put a new turn on the character when he makes his big-screen return.

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