Why Winning Online Contests And Giveaways Is Easy

You may have entered your fair share of online contests and wondered – how come I never win one of these, but some people win all the time. Well, first of all, no one wins all the time. On the other hand, if you know what you’re doing, you can improve your chances drastically, and those people know that. Here’s why winning online contests and giveaways is actually easy.

People Don’t Know What They’re Doing

Many people believe that in order to win a contest, all you have to do is simply enter and wait for the results. However, that’s not the case. If that was the case – winners would always be random, and no one would win frequently.

What some people know and others don’t is that every online contest has its own set of rules that you have to follow. Those who read up on those rules have it much easier, and they win more frequently. When you read the rules, you notice that sometimes you can enter a giveaway multiple times, sometimes even on a daily basis. Therefore, those who enter a 2-week long giveaway every day are 14 times more likely to win than you are. So, start doing that and see your “luck” turn around.

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You Can Increase Your Chances Easily

The more you increase your chances, the more likely you are to win – it’s as simple as that. Now, many believe that the only way to increase your winning chances is to buy votes for contest, but that’s not all there is.

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For example, you enter the sweepstake right at the beginning, you’ll have more time to cast your entries, therefore increasing your chances of winning. Also, many think that playing multiple giveaways will increase your chances, but in reality, it won’t. You’re much better off focusing on the contests where you would actually appreciate your prize. That way, you can allocate all your time and focus towards that one giveaway that you actually want to win.

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There Are Endless Giveaway To Enter

Now, this might sound contradictory to our last statement, but hear us out! Just because you haven’t won this one doesn’t mean you won’t win the next one. Becoming discouraged and disappointed and giving up is exactly why some other people are winning, and you’re not. You’re making it easier for them by giving up!

So, don’t lose hope! Track upcoming online contests as they come up and start competing. Sooner, rather than later, you’re going to get in the groove, and you’re going to start winning those prizes.

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Enter Small-Scale Contests

Contests from major, global companies are incredibly hard to win. You know why? Because there are millions competing for the same prize! The best thing you could do to make sure you win is to enter local contests where you would be up against 10 or maybe 50 people tops. That way, you’re almost guaranteed to win at least a few of them each month!


You see, contests are actually easy to win – you just have to know a few tricks. And remember, even if you don’t win – there’s always the next one!

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