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Will Spotify 2024 Awards Get Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

Spotify Awards 2024 will be held at the Mexican City National Auditorium this day. Still, you should be informed that due to the request of many users of the social networks, this important music event may be annulled, and you will not believe what caused the controversy.

In the early hours of today, 5 March, a Twitter hashtag was published announcing only a few hours to finish the Spotify Awards Gala Mexico 2024; the news caused users of social networks to be unsure of what would happen to the event.

Internet users have not given credit to the controversial news circulating on Twitter and other social networks so that the Spotify Awards Mexico 2024 can not be canceled in a few hours without first being alerted by the giant streaming platform.

Spotify Awards Might Be Cancelled Because Of Coronavirus

The reason the Spotify Awards event in Mexico was annulled was that the organizers of the gala decided to avoid significant concentration in a closed area to prevent a Coronavirus outbreak, a disease that has infected more than 86 countries around the world.

In no time could we have details to that effect, so that social network users took it for granted that there would be no issue at the Spotify Awards event in Mexico as the organizers’ official accounts did not mention any changes in the schedule.

The popular streaming platform will hold a Spotify Awards’ first edition in Mexico and will be available on TNT at seven on the evening of today; in the scenario, the L.A. Blue, Zoe, Karol G, Bad Bunny, Julieta Venegas, and J Balvin will be delightful.

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