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Why Cross Platform Is Dangerous For Console Users?

We all have friends who are playing on gaming consoles and you are sticking with your PC and vice versa. You really want to play with each other but somehow you can’t do it cause of a basic feature Cross Platform.

The Console-PC Cross-Platform is only available for some games and it could be satisfying for the party. but when this cross-platform becomes lethal to the console players then it’s just more than a bane for them.

Why Cross-Platform Lethal For Console Users?

Capped Frames

It is evident that the Consoles have a basic feature called Capped frames which results in better performance but limited no of frames. The standard FPS limit of the consoles is set on 60Fps which is quite good if the opponents are on the same platform. Now if they are heading for the online competition then this move will be backfired as the PC fps limit is much more than Playstation and XBox’s. The average fps of an average pc is 40 fps and mid is 80-90 and the high end could take you to more than 144 fps in the game. so technically Frames win games is suitable here.

Source: Polygon

Cheating and Hacking

After the introduction of Call of Duty: Warzone Cross-platform, it is evident that no of hackers can change the scenario of the game completely. However, the console users became their prey before many preventive measures were taken to ensure the safe environment of the game. So ultimately PC users have an upper hand if they are using malicious tools which is not possible in the console’s system now.

COD Game
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Mostly the games which are Cross-platform supported are Shooter games which require shooting the opponents. According to the survey, it is concluded the fact that people with Keyboard-mouse combo have better average reflexes than comparing to consoles users. As it is difficult to aim in the console rather than PC, a pc user can easily learn to aim without much practice but the console you have to be better than ever.

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