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White Lines Season 2: Is It Really Canceled By Netflix? Details Here

Various international talents got recognized after Netflix became the perfect destination for their showcase. Likes of Money Heist, Dark, and various foreign dramas are in the good books of Netflix and provided a major boost to the streaming giant. However, there are many shows this year which already faced the rage of Coronavirus as some of them got delayed and for some, their fate already been decided as many shows will not be a part of Netflix anymore.

White Lines Season 2

White Lines is a great contender amongst the higher ranks of TV shows and got much positive response from the audience. The show already been in the top 10 for many weeks and a potential sequel would be a better deal for the audience as well as for the streaming giants.

White Lines Season 2 Future

Like we mentioned there are several shows whose fate already been decided and White Lines already faced the sack. So there is a piece of bad news for the fans as the show won’t return for its sequel season and been canceled by streaming giant respectively.

White Lines: Season 2 Release Date? Cast? And Other Updates ? - The Buzz  Paper

Source: The Buzz Paper

Cancelation Reasons

There are no solid reasons for the cancelation and Netflix didn’t propose any reason to scrap the show. Despite the ratings and positive response from the audience, White Lines won’t have its sequel, and it’s quite disheartening for the fans. The primary reason for the cancelation could be the void for the upcoming projects as Netflix already decided that the streaming giant will work on future projects rather than focusing on existing ones.

Revival Possibilities 

We don’t give you false hopes as there is no scope for the show to get revived somehow. However, if another platform decides to acquire the broadcasting rights of the show, then there could be a solution for the upcoming sequel.

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