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White Lines: Can We Expect A Season 2 Of Netflix Series?

White Line, created by Money Heist producer Alex Pina, speaks for the name itself. This is one of the mystery and suspense series and we all know how adept Alex is at planning the Pina Twist. The show is basically about a sister investigating the death of her missing brother for the past 20 years. Those who haven’t seen it yet can only imagine the plot twist. The first season of the show premiered on May 15. Now viewers can’t wait to see the second installment.

Here you will get to know everything about the White Line season 2:

Has the show renewed for its second run:

Right now the renewal of the show is on hold. Netflix has not shown the green light of the show as for now.

Since its debut, White Lines has been at the top of the most popular television series on Netflix UK and has also been ranked on other more popular charts around the world. In particular, the series has worked well in producer Inalex Pina’s home country of Spain, where the series reigns at the top of the television series category. At the time of writing, the series topped IMDB’s list of most popular television shows.

White Lines season 2 - Cast, release date, more on Netflix
Source: Digital Spy

We can look forward to hearing news of the renewal in the coming months, and seeing how well the White Lines have worked around the world, they certainly help each other.

The expected release date for season 2:

As we know the show is been renewed by Netflix. Therefore right now there is no official announcement made regarding the release date of the movie.

The location where the show is going to film:

One more sign of hope! In February 2024, the Mallorca Daily Bulletin reported that location scouts were in the area to verify locations for the show’s second season. The first season of White Lines was filmed in Ibiza and Mallorca, a nearby island, which means that season 2 will remain in the region.

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