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Which CS: GO Tournaments are Majors?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is now the most popular game in the world. There are hundreds of millions of players playing this game on a daily basis. Therefore, it would be the best way forward to come with the right kind of things that are making a great contribution to daily sports life. This game is not only being played indoors but there are a number of players who have boosted its popularity and a huge number of the crowd now playing this amazing game. 

Counter-Strike Global Offensive was started in the year 2000 and now it has reached its 20 years. During this timeframe, there are a number of changes, and other modifications have taken place. These modifications were mainly indented to meet the current requirement of the players. The growing awareness and competitions in the eSports community is another reason for why these tournaments have been taking place so effectively. These tournaments mainly come with huge prize money and players will earn name and fame for which various eSports teams have shown their interest in these tournaments. 

Tournaments that have Global Popularity

If someone will revive the history of eSports along with big price events, there are a number of games that can be brought to the records. There are a number of titles like Warcraft, Age of empires, DOTA, and a number of other titles that have been popularized around the world. Among all these games, CS:GO has occupied the top position in popularity. Therefore, it would be a great matter of satisfaction that maximum players are now accepting this game as the main medium of entertainment and in this way, it spreads over the world. At the present time, top players are given a perfect legendary status and they are getting equal popularity as Hollywood stars. 

History of CS:GO Tournaments 

From the year 2013, CS:GO championships have been organized. These championships are known as “Majors” and all these events are mainly produced by the Valve Corporation. The first championship mainly organized in 2013 and the prize money for this championship was $250,000. This was huge prize money and due to this money, there were a number of teams that had shown their interest to participate in the tournament. One amazing thing to keep in mind is that the prize money has been increasing every year. 

There are a number of teams across the globe participating in the championship gradually. In the first Major, there were 6 teams have been participated and the result was shown their performance of the tournament. This was completed just like other popular games like football and cricket. From that time, it had been expanded beyond the boundaries and at the present time, it has whip $1,000,100 prize money. Which is huge compared to other tournaments around the world. Now, there are 24 teams are participating in the tournament and they are showing the best skill to have the prize money. With the lucrative prize money, CS: GO championships are becoming the most popular tournaments around the world. There are huge skin wallets also available for this game. 

CS: GO Championships List

  • 2013 is the starting year of the tournament. The host was DreamHack and the country was Sweden. Team Fnatic had clinched the title. 
  • The second tournament started in 2014. This was one of the biggest tournaments in eSports history and it was being organized in Katowice. Virtus. Pro was the winner of this tournament. 
  • ESL One was organized in 2014 August at Cologne by ESL In this tournament Ninjas in Pyjamas had won the title. 
  • Again in 2014, DreamHack had organized the tournament in Sweden and LDLC had won the championship while Ninjas of Pyjamas had ended up with runners up. 
  • In the year 2015, there was a bigger championship. In this tournament, Fnatic was the winner while Team Envyus was the runners up. So, this was a great way forward for Fnatic to win the title.  
  • While talking about the 2016 tournament, MLG Championship and organized by MLG. In this tournament, Luminosity gaming was the winner and Natus Vincere was the runners up. 
  • The 2017 tournament was fantastic and ELEAGUE organized the Major in Atlanta. There was a huge competition that caused a huge public interest. 

Almost 16 tournaments have been organized so far and they all are so big. They were able to attract the attention of the world eSports lovers. Not only prize money but, there are a number of things people get after playing in these tournaments. With the use of skin wallet, there were a number of players who were able to attract maximum viewers around different parts of the globe. The players all were experienced, skilled and they were able to take sudden decisions according to the game demand. These tournaments not only contributed heavily to the teams of the players but they also attracted money from various sponsors and in this way, the budget was flattened. 

There was a list of the best players who were also known as legends that have been written in the history of the eSports community especially in CS:GO history. So, these tournaments are not only about the prize money but they are all about to identify the skill and the legendary players of the eSports community. Initially, these tournaments were organized eyeing on the popularity but now, there are a number of teams participating in these events and they are certainly the best way forward to come with proper eSports tournaments. 

It is quite important to play properly in order to get the right kind of things that will allow you to qualify in the bigger tournaments. They are certainly most caliber players who can easily make their place at these tournaments and are able to come with prestige and fortune. This is the main reason for which the viewers of these tournaments are growing gradually and the popularity has reached another level. So, these tournaments have helped a lot to elevate the popularity of CS:GO worldwide from the previous popularity level which was restricted within certain demography.

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