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What Is a Remote Desktop? Understanding What Remote Desktop Means

When you have a problem with your computer, where do you turn? This is an important question, especially if you don’t have IT support in your office.

Do you speak to the person next to you and ask them to help you out? There’s a chance this could cause more harm than good.

If your business is unable to afford to keep its own IT department in-house, it may be cheaper to outsource all IT support.

An external IT service provider will often use a remote desktop to fix your problems as they arise.

But what is a remote desktop?

In this article, we’ll discuss remote desktops and how they can benefit your business.

What is a Remote Desktop?

A remote desktop is a piece of software or a feature within an operating system that allows another user to gain access to the desktop from a different computer or device.

Remote desktops are useful in several different scenarios. These include:

  • Allowing access to your desktop when you’re away from the office
  • Providing access to your home computer from your laptop
  • Allowing and IT support technicians access to your computer so that they may be able to fix it
  • Allowing a user to perform administrative duties

You can find remote desktop access software for most operating systems. Both Apple and Microsoft have their own products, which are simply called “Remote Desktop.” Follow the instructions here for remote desktop mac applications.

Other examples of remote desktop software include CrossLoop, GoToMyPC, Chicken, pcAnywhere, Jaadu, and Citrix XenApp.

How Can Remote Desktop be Beneficial to Your Productivity?

By using remote desktop software, you’ll be able to improve the productivity of your workforce.

Because remote desktop software allows your employees to access their desktop computer from wherever they are, it means that they can be far more productive when they are working away from their desk.

This is particularly useful when employees need to work from home.

There may be a file or a piece of software that an employee doesn’t have access to on their laptop or mobile device. Instead of having to wait to access the desktop when they are next in the office, they can access it remotely from their own homes.

How Can Remote Desktops Save You Money on Your IT Support?

IT services are an essential part of your business infrastructure. If you have your own internal IT department, it is probably very costly to run. If it is not expensive, then it probably means that your technology is outdated or your security is inadequate.

The average small firm spends 6.9% of their revenue on their IT.

One way that companies can save money without compromising their security is to invest in outsourced IT support.

By using an outsourced IT service provider, you will be able to considerably reduce the staffing costs associated with employing an entire department to manage your IT services.

Outsourced IT support is heavily reliant on remote desktop support. This is because the IT service provider won’t be based in your offices. They can access all of the computers on your network from a separate location.

This cost-effective solution to all of your IT support needs can allow you to invest your money into other areas of the business that may help you to progress in different productive ways.

How Can Remote Desktops Improve Your Security?

A remote desktop service uses the cloud to store data and desktops. By using this type of service, you can access your desktop from any device.

The data that you have stored will be essential to your business, and it is essential that this is kept secure and is accessible.

Non-remote desktops are stored on hard drives. This physical storage is at a higher risk of becoming corrupt. You are also running more of a chance of being hacked from suffering data loss due to a breach.

Because remote desktops use the cloud, they are not impacted by data loss through device failure. Cloud storage facilities have high levels of security in place, and it is unlikely your remote desktops will come to harm when they are on the cloud.

Remote Desktops Allow For Easy Access to Your Data

You might assume that setting up remote access to your desktop devices might be very complicated. This might be something that prevents many people from accessing the potential benefits provided by remote desktops.

Remote desktops can be set up very easily. Once they are set up, they can be used securely and easily by anyone who has the right access information. This makes it easier for employees to continue working on their projects wherever they are.

As with any other type of data management, you can set permissions and parameters to prevent unwanted access to your remote desktop. This will help you to keep your data secure.

There is very little to worry about when it comes to configuring your remote desktop.

All you’ll need to do is to connect your own device up with the remote desktop service. This can be done with any device, as long as you have the necessary access to the remote desktop service.

If you have a managed IT service provider, they will carry out all of the configurations on your behalf.

Setting Up Remote Desktop in Your Business

Now that you know the answer to the question “what is a remote desktop?” you will no doubt see the advantage of utilizing a remote desktop service in your business.

Consult with a managed IT services provider to discuss how they can help you to save money, secure your data, and provide greater productivity through the use of remote desktops.

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