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Westworld Season 4: Renewal Status: Renewed Or Canceled?

HBO released one of their popular sci-fi drama show The Westworld season 3, fans were both surprised and excited on how things ended in the third season finale! While things did take a violent run at the end which is not a big deal in this show!

HBO Hit Sci-Fi Series Westworld Is Renewed For Season 4! Here’s What We Know.

Now fans are eager to know whether a season 4 is happening or not, the third season returned after a pretty long hiatus and now people are wondering whether the wait for season 4 is also going to be long enough!

The Fourth Season Will Be Back With A Different Theme And Genre Altogether!

There is big news regarding that front as HBO has already announced in April that the show has been renewed for season 4! So, all the questions would be answered. Fans are still not sure whether Dolores is actually dead or not! However, the showrunner might have answered that for fans. Take a look at this Twitter post about the renewal of the show.

Moreover, Show creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan along with finale co-writer Denise The’ have made some big relations about what can fans expect in the fourth season. They are planning to experiment with a different context and a distinct genre altogether. Sadly enough, The’ also pretty much confirmed that Delores is dead indeed. Dolores did perish by the end of the third season and we saw her memories fading away. So, the character is pretty much not going to appear in season 4, well, you never know!

The Fourth Season Might Not Be Returning Anytime Before 2024!

We would miss Dolores for sure but the show has a reputation of bringing back even dead characters in different forms, so you never know! Moreover, given the show’s technical enormity, the fourth season might not air anytime before 2024. There was almost a two-year gap between the last two seasons. So, fans might have to wait a while before unraveling the truth behind what Bernard exactly saw in the sublime! We also need to know what Charlotte is up to this time!

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