Weird City: Will You Have A Season 2? Here’s What We Know

What is Weird City about?

Weird City is a series of science fiction comedies that entertain society. The series was shot in the near future in a large dystopian city called Weird.

Each episode will be followed by a different set of characters each Weird City episode.

LeVar Burton, who plays the scientist Dr. Negari, is the only recurring character in the series. Each episode will see Dr. Negari create a new invention that will improve people’s health, love life, and even their transportation experience.

LeVar Burton plays the role of a mad scientist, Dr. Negari, behind the technology that aims to improve people’s lives.

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The cast:

Not much is known about the other characters and most of their names have remained bent.

So far we know that The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien will star in the series alongside The Walking Dead’s New Girl actress Hannah Simone and Steven Yeun.

Orange Is The New Black Laverne Cox starred in Weird City with Star Trek star Geordi La Forge, actor LeVar Burton.

Rosario Dawson, known for playing Claire Temple in several Marvel Comics series, will appear in Weird City with Mark Wars.

Modern Family star Ed O’Neill, Superbad’s Michael Cera, and Crazy Rich Asians Awkwafina also have roles in Weird City.

Other cast members include Malcolm Barret, Gillian Jacob, Sara Gilbert, Yvette Nicole Brown, Eugene Cordero, Auli’i Cravalho, and others.

Weird City season 2:

YouTube is best known for its standalone videos. they have a very limited content script. But Weird City has sparked a lot of interest on the Internet and this is a possible indicator of the future of the show. The six-episode season debuted on February 13, 2019. Months of data collection are needed for each channel to decide if a show is worth more than one season. But we hope to see a second season of Weird City with bigger celebrity names and more peculiarities. In all likelihood, Weird City Season 2 could be updated by the end of 2019 and released in early 2024. We will monitor the relevant sources to confirm it, so stay tuned!

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