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WandaVision: Here’s What We Know About Kathryn Hahn’s Character

Here is what we know about the character breakdown of actress Kathryn Hahn!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are highly anticipated about the upcoming Marvel series on Disney Plus called Wanda Vision might already be aware of the fact the these two Avengers, whose name makes up the title of the show, are going to be the biggest stars of the series.

But obviously, this fact does not mean that there is any less star power in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. The point actually is that we might have Kathryn Hahn show up in the new season of Wanda Vision because we had her popping up in the trailer meant for it.

Here is what the new trailer video for Wanda Vision looks like!

This clip was released when the Emmy Awards were taking place. At this point in time, all the fans are just wondering about the character which she is going to play in this series. And as if right now, the answer to this question might actually lie in an old set picture that leaked pretty recently and it lines up perfectly with her confusing cameo in the trailer.