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WandaVision: Disney Confirms 2024 Premiere Date

Much was estimated about its release date, but with the pandemic everything was unknown. Finally, it was confirmed that WandaVision will arrive in 2024.

At the end of July, it was known that WandaVision, the Marvel series, was trying to keep its premiere date despite the significant calendar changes that Disney was handling. Amid a pandemic and so many stoppages, keeping the date seemed impossible. However, a new promotional video for the streaming platform revealed that the web series is closer than previously thought.

Said promo, which was launched on the official Disney + Twitter account, you can see images of the series starring Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen among the products that will arrive soon in the catalog. This wink, not too specific, would also be joined by a press release from the house of the mouse, which is echoed by the North American media Collider. In this information, it is specified that this promotion of future releases is official and that WandaVision is definitely among them.

Marvel's WandaVision Series Moves Forward To 2024 | Movies | Empire

Source: Empire Online

We Will Finally Get To Watch The Series:

It should be noted that the Disney + calendar is quite extensive and the series would finally end up arriving in winter. In this way, it could be thought that WandaVision is intended as a Christmas gift, something that would make a lot of sense if we consider that the original Disney + leading production, ‘The Mandalorian’, returns with its second season on October 30.

“With the first anniversary of Disney +, on November 12, the service will begin its second year with more premieres of original content by the end of 2024, including ‘WandaVision’, the next original series from Marvel Studios,” it is revealed. Although you still have to wait a while to finally see Marvel fiction, you have to see the positive side of the news: There will be no delays, and the series will arrive this year!

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