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US Orders 300 Million Coranvirus Doses, 25% Population Not Interested At All

300 Million Doses

The Department of Health and Human administration is working to ensure 300 million doses of a new coronavirus vaccine, but a recent opinion panel shows about 25% of Americans aren’t interested in being vaccinated.

Poll Results

A Reuters/Ipsos vote announced on Thursday found 24% of Americans weren’t interested in taking a vaccine, with 14%  stating the fact that they were “not at all interested.” More than 40% of the people who weren’t interested in getting the vaccine believed it was more dangerous than the virus itself, and half of those people said they were worried about the pace it was spreading.

Vaccine Progress

Vaccine development is moving forward at an unparalleled step, according to officials, and trials are on spot to hit the purpose of having one available in early 2024. Some officials are figuring on a vaccine to allow America to return to normal life, and the government isn’t waiting for trial results to boost up production.


On Thursday, the HHS proclaimed that they are co-operating with AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company, to make at least 300 million doses of AZD1222, a vaccine, ready by January. Phase 3 of clinical examinations are required to start this summer, and the first doses of the vaccine will be given as early as October.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar Statement

Preparing a vaccine to the American public as soon as possible is one part of President Trump’s multi-faceted approach for safely resuming our country and bringing life back to normal, which is crucial to Americans’ physical and mental well-being in so many ways,

Source: Newsweek

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