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Umbrella Academy Season 2: First Look And Official Synopsis Released

While fans can’t be any less happy than the Hargreeves children are retaining to complete the story left behind by the first season finale, there’s even more than Netflix has unveiled recently and fans news to check that out without any further delay. Take a look at these new images that will completely blow your mind!

Netflix Unveiled The First Look Of Umbrella Academy 2, And It’s Surprising!

The first season finale ended with a shocking twist, and now the streaming giant has unveiled the official synopsis of what fans can witness in season 2, which is slated for 31st July 2024. In the second installment of the series, the Hargreeves children are seen to be scattered throughout the 1960s in Dallas, Texas.

The Images Suggests Some Major Character Makeover! Have a Look.

Five lands himself in yet another apocalypse and now must reunite the other siblings to prevent the impending doom. Not to forget that the assassins will continue to create difficulties on the way. As the images are exclusively unveiled by Netflix, it seems like some characters went through a major makeover. Have a look at these exclusive images.

Showrunner Steve Blackman he further assured fans that the ultimate goal is to not diverge from the original Gerard Way comic as far as the plot is concerned. With the second season almost here, we can see that another doomsday is nearing with the team reuniting with their respective differences! How far will they succeed in work together? That’s what fans will see in highly anticipated  season 2. Alison and Diego amongst the other characters, sure look a tad bit different than earlier. Ritu Arya is also expected to join the cast in season 2!

Is Another Apocalypse Coming In The Second Season?

While the pictures sure fairest towards a grim second season with the team having bigger issues at hand. With stakes even higher this time, the siblings need to fight against the impending doom that might hit the present day. Will the siblings reunite even after the big revelation of Vanya’s true identity and her powers? Will Vanya reconcile with Alison after whatever happened between them?

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