Attracting Global Talent: The Importance Of UK Visa Sponsorship For Employers

The number of migrants coming to the UK for work increases every year. With good working conditions, a well-developed economy, and the availability of jobs, there is no doubt that the UK is serving as an attractive option for anyone who wants to work abroad. The companies also get to work with highly skilled talent. However, to do that, the worker needs a visa, which can be a bit complex in the UK. The migrant employee must be sponsored by your organisation unless they live in the UK already.

A sponsor licence ensures that the organisation is ready to take the responsibility of a foreign employee. It also means the company can assist the employee with the visa application. However, getting the sponsor licence can be a bit complex, so legal help from a reliable partner is extremely helpful. The specialists will help in registering the company, opening a bank account, tax optimisation, etc.

Let’s dig deeper and understand the sponsor licence, how you can get one, and the advantages.


What Is A Sponsor Licence?

This licence is issued by the home office. It permits organisations, companies, and employers to employ non-settled workers. Simply put, non-settled employees mean individuals who do not have the right work in the United Kingdom. Or it also means some individuals with specific immigration statuses that let them work. When an employer sponsors a worker, they allow them to enter or stay in the UK and work there.

So, if you are applying for a sponsorship licence, you have to determine the routes, or you can say the immigration routes via which you wish to sponsor the employees. The primary routes are skilled workers, global business mobility, and Senior or specialist routes.

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How Can You Obtain A Sponsorship Licence

It is worth investing in a sponsorship licence. It opens the world for recruitment, and you get access to a talent pool. However, to obtain the licence, there are certain steps that you have to follow.


Choosing The Tiers In Which You Want To Get A Licence

There are different tiers in which you can apply to be licensed.

Skilled Worker Visa: It is Tier 2, and this visa is for skilled workers who want to be in the UK for an extended time. MNCs also have the opportunity to transfer an employee who is already working with them under this Skilled Worker route.

Temporary Worker Visas: This visa is for foreign employees who wish to work in the United Kingdom on a temporary basis. This can include charity, creative, religious workers, etc. However, workers sponsored on skilled worker visas cannot be sponsored under temporary workers.

Show That Your Company Meets The Eligibility Criteria

When applying for a sponsorship licence, you must meet certain criteria. These are:

  • You must be a genuine company/organisation who are operating in the UK legally.
  • The representative whose name is on the application must be dependable.
  • Your company must have recruitment systems and an HR department that can handle the sponsor’s responsibilities.
  • Your company must offer genuine employment that meets the required criteria and requirements.
  • Your company does not have a past non-compliance record.
  • It would help if you did not have any criminal convictions regarding immigration offences. Or you should not be involved in any fraud or money laundering cases.
  • In the past twelve months, you must not have a revoked sponsor licence.
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Complete And Submit The Application

Now that you have proved your eligibility, you must fill out the application. You can fill out online and send the documents via email or post. You might be charged a fee for your application. Apart from the application fees, there are certain charges that you might have to pay, such as renewing the licences, immigration skills charge, certificate of sponsorship charge, etc.

Inspection Of Your Organisation

After you have submitted your application, the Home office will inspect your company. After the inspection, they decide whether they want to grant you a sponsorship licence or not. Remember that the visit from the home office can be a daunting process, and it does require preparations. Although, the primary goal of the home office is to be sure that you have submitted a genuine application. You can also avoid this visit by submitting a comprehensive application and sending valid supporting documents.

Advantages Of Getting A Sponsor Licence

In today’s time of global connectivity, finding the right talent is crucial for the success of any business. For companies in the UK, a sponsor licence provides this opportunity. You get to employ workers from a talented pool that will help your company grow. There are other benefits too mentioned below:

  • When you sponsor a worker, you are also getting their loyalty. The workers’ right to work in the UK is tied to their sponsor. So, it means the worker will give their best and ensure a reliable workforce.
  • Several organisations are obtaining sponsor licences, and holding one will make you part of the competition. Since more and more companies are looking for skilled workers, getting the licences is a great way.
  • You also get access to skilled workers with specialised skills. Having a licence makes it easy for you to find the right talent, especially when there is a shortage of skilled workers.
  • It helps in enhancing your growth and global reputation. When you hold a sponsor licence, it helps in enhancing your global reputation. It portrays your company as open, diverse and inclusive.
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Summing up, the UK experiences some form of occupational shortages, so it is a good opportunity for companies to invest in getting a sponsorship licence. This lets them find the best talents and help their company grow and succeed. But getting the licences can be complex, and you have to understand the intricacies of the process. That is why getting help from a specialist who will do the work for you is important. It will help you to navigate the process with ease.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane