Here is How A Title IX Advisor Can Help If You Have Been Accused

If you have been accused of a Title IX crime, it is important first to understand the gravity of the situation. Title IX charges are sexual in nature, and such cases can not only get you removed from your current school but ruin your chances of having a bright future career. Students facing allegations of sexual harassment or assault can defend themselves with the help of an advisor.

While students can pick anyone to be their Title IX advisor and not necessarily a professional, it is highly recommended to hire a Title IX attorney from the Lento Law Firm. This way, you won’t have to Google facts to confirm them, and you will have peace of mind that an expert is handling the situation.

Why should you hire a Title IX advisor instead of facing it on your own?


Perhaps the most obvious reason you should opt for a professional attorney rather than getting help from your friends or family members is that an attorney has extensive knowledge of the legal system. They have studied Title IX law for years, practiced it, and solved hundreds of cases. Moreover, they handle such cases daily; therefore, they will be equipped with the ever-changing laws and regulations.

A good attorney has decades of experience in handling cases similar to yours. While no two Title IX cases are the same, an attorney will instantly know the right course of action when they review your situation. They will be able to list several legal options and tell you which ones benefit you the most and the least.

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How does an attorney protect the accused student?


A Title IX attorney is well-versed in federal and state laws. They can also go through your school’s policies and get a better grasp on them than you. Unfortunately, it is quite common for the accused student’s rights to be stripped during the proceedings. The hearing may side with the accuser and vex the accused. This is where an attorney comes in.

An attorney can ensure your rights remain protected and you receive a fair hearing. Your attorney will also see to it that your school or college is following its own rules and regulations. Sometimes schools do questionable things which students overlook due to their inexperience.

Having an attorney by your side ensures that the school will not get a chance to take advantage of you. If they do, they will be sued for violating their own regulations.



Title IX advisors can be an invaluable asset for anyone accused of misconduct on a college campus. They provide support and guidance by offering informed advice about potential consequences, as well as how to handle the situation from start to finish.

No matter what the outcome may be, it is important that you have someone in your corner advocating for your rights and making sure you are treated fairly throughout the process. If you find yourself facing allegations of misconduct, make sure to reach out to a Title IX advisor who will work with you every step of the way.

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