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Tron 3: Disney Already Has A Director!

TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski says the longtime TRON 3 may still be at Disney and he suspects it will come on time. Mouse House began work on the third TRON film in the months leading up to the theatrical work of the film Legacy.

With the authors Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz developing a story that was intended to be an appropriate trilogy. When the TRON legend prevailed. Unfortunately, Legacy eventually found itself in a strange state of financial success, but so much so.

TRON 3 on the fast track

Jared Leto to Star in Disney's TRON 3 - Nerdist

With a budget of $ 170 million after raising $ 400 million at the box office, Legacy did well to ensure business continuity, but it wasn’t enough to land TRON 3 on the fast track. In any case, the third TRON film progressed in the following years and began production in the fall of 2015, when Disney cancelled it in late May of that year. Garrett Hedlund (who played in Sam Flynn’s Legacy) later explained that his feet in the studio were colder, a week earlier when there was a bombing at the Kalland box office.

TRON 3, which can predict the future.

It’s always been like having another lecture and continuing the story. Like anything, it needs proper confluence. the right time and elements and the need to put everything together for the film. it happens. His human character, Kevin Flynn).

The problem is that technological innovation needs money, and at the moment, Disney questions movies about its expensive live movies that aren’t classic cartoons – and on the other hand, searches like Aladdin and The Lion King at the box office. However, life in Hollywood moves so fast, so who knows: If things suddenly change, Mouse House might decide to go ahead and roll the dice at TRON 3, which can predict the future.

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