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‘Treason,”’spying,”civil war’:’ Donald Trump lashes out in impeachment accusers

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump opened a second week of impeachment chaos with slashing attacks on his accusers — like a proposal that a major investigator be detained for”treason.”

Assuming that Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, reluctantly described his telephone contact with the president of Ukraine,” Trump tweeted Monday: “Arrest for Treason?”

Schiff didn’t immediately react, but others called it an outrageous remark.

“Out. Of. Control,” tweeted Republican strategist Mike Murphy. “Treason? A POTUS saying ? #UnfitAndUnstable.”

Alleged”treason” was a part of a succession of tweets on Sunday night and Monday afternoon where Trump raised the specter of”civil war,” said a number of their own aides could be”SPYING” on him and accused the Democrats of trying to”destabilize” the nation a year before his 2024 re-election.

“They’re lying & cheating like never before in our nation’s history so as to destabilize the United States of America & it is forthcoming 2024 Election,” Trump said in among several unpleasant missives.

“When the Democrats succeed in removing the President from office (they will not be), it is going to lead to a Civil War such as separation inside this Nation where our Nation won’t ever cure,'” Trump quoted pastor Robert Jeffress as stating.

That tweet attracted criticism from Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger.

“I’ve seen countries ravaged by civil [email protected],” tweeted Kinzinger, a Republican House member from Illinois. “I’ve not imagined such a quotation to be replicated by a President. That really is beyond repugnant.”

Trump’s mad tweets set the platform for one more week of political/legal conflicts, as House Democrats investigates allegations which Trump attempted to coerce the president of Ukraine in to exploring a political political competition, Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden.

“We had no option but to proceed with an impeachment inquiry,” Schiff tweeted Sunday. “And our attention is going to be on the president’s basic breach of the oath office”

He added:”Coercing a foreign state to intervene in our election is not okay, regardless of what the president and his defenders say”

Schiff was among the most important aims of Trump’s conversation strikes.

Accusing the Intelligence Committee chairman of misrepresenting his conversation with the president of Ukraine,” Trump tweeted one point, “I desire Schiff contested in the maximum amount for Fraud & Treason.”

Trump also needed to know the identity of the unnamed whistleblower whose criticism triggered the analysis — and the title of any government official who fed information into the whistleblower regarding his interactions with foreign leaders.

“Was this individual SPYING about the U.S. President?” Trump said. “Big Consequences!”

Trump maintained it up Monday afternoon, tweeting he is again being exposed to a”witch hunt” and claiming, “The Fake Whistleblower criticism isn’t holding up.”

As the White House prepares an defense of Trump through the impeachment analysis, anticipate more of the very same sorts of attacks in the president in the months and weeks ahead.

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