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Tragic!!! Canadian Nurse Tested 8 Times Positive For Coronavirus In 50 Days

A Canadian Nurse who got the deadly coronavirus months back said she’d tried positive multiple times over the most recent 50 days.

She Had Cold And Difficulty In Breath

On March 30, Tracy Schofield, from Cambridge, Ontario, started encountering symptoms, for example, cold, a fever, and difficulty in the breath.

The next day, she stepped through her first test for COVID-19, the illness brought about by the virus, and the result was positive, announced CTV News.

Schofield, 49, went through the conventional fourteen days self-isolation, however, her second test returned positive. From that point forward, six more have restored a similar outcome.

Doctors Were Unsuccessful To Clarify Why She Continues Testing Positive

Doctors have told the mother-of-three that they don’t accept she is infectious any longer, yet that they can’t clarify why she continues testing positive.

‘At whatever point I get the test result, it resembles someone punches me in the stomach,’ Schofield disclosed to CTV News.

‘I simply need somebody to have the option to disclose to me something. Offer me a response. Am I going to have it until the end of time?’

For about fourteen days after her first positive test, Schofield says she self-isolated in her room at her home, where she lives with her 17-year-old child, Ethan.

At Present Most Of Her Symptoms Have Gone

Presently, right around two months after the fact, most of her side effects have vanished beside a hack and a little trouble relaxing. Be that as it may, her tests from Cambridge Memorial Hospital have continued bringing positive back.

Schofield says she was energized after her eighth, generally speaking test returned negative. Be that as it may, patients must get two negative results inside a 24-hour time span to be viewed as recovered. Her ninth test returned positive.

She Is Now Waiting For Two Consecutive Negative test Results.

What’s more, even though specialists from Region of Waterloo Public Health, have permitted her to go out on April 14, she says she won’t view herself as recovered until she gets her two consecutive negative test outcomes.

Schofield says she has doesn’t have any previous conditions, yet she’s worried that she’ll have long haul entanglements from the infection. Schofield had been cleared to return to fill in as an enlisted down to earth nurture, however, is frightened about contaminating others.

She is presently holding up five days until she can step through her tenth by and large exam. Wellbeing specialists state she likely simply has dead infection cells despite everything flowing in her body , CTV News reports.

It goes ahead the impact points of news that patients who test positive for the novel coronavirus in the wake of having recuperated are not infectious.

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