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Tom Hardy: Can He Become The New James Bond?

Fans love Daniel Craig as the agent of OO7, Now he will appear on our screen with the action movie No Time To Die, set to be delivered in late 2024.

No Time To Die will be Craig’s last excursion as James Bond after showing up in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, since it might be the last excursion Craig as OO7. It is accounted that Tom Hardy can replace Daniel Craig and can proceed with the legacy of James Bond.

Tom Hardy May Become The New James Bond

The Venom star Tom Hardy has not revealed anyting about playing James Bond in the Bond Foundation. His acting skills in his past movies, including Venom, was praised by fans. He has a huge fan following, and now reports appear he will be the new James Bond.

Tom Hardy On If He Wants To Play James Bond, Christopher Nolan Possibly  Directing - It's All The Rage
Source: It’s All The Rage

In spite of the way that Hardy has stayed quiet about his role, he should be one of the top picks of the producers for James Bond and possibly the one who will play as James Bond after Craig leaves the franchise after Bond 25.

Updates About No Time To Die Movie

Fans have been waiting for the forthcoming Bond film No Time To Die, after the huge declaration made by the studio of its arrival getting deferred, it seems like the film may make us hold up more before the action uncovers on the big screen.

While the Bond film was initially planned to release in April, it needed to confront a deferral because of the pandemic. Notwithstanding, presently, the studio has reported another air date. The film will now release on twelfth November, in the UK.

Other Details

Reports appears about Rami Malek’s appearing as the villain Safin. Be it his appearance or his motivation, the creators have figured out how to keep the suspense in his character entirely energetic. This battle between these two entertainers on the screen will clearly be an epic one. To seethat we have to wait till November.

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