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Tiger King Season 2: Major Updates On Release Date And More

Tiger King Season 2: 

Netflix’s Tiger King documentary show, released in March 2024, made all genuine criminal enthusiasts fall in love. Not with Joe Exotic, a hitman, of course, but with stark details that guide him through the description: “No way! Did he really do it?”

The documentary promised to show that “the owner is something more dangerous than a big cat.” Tiger King has worked on two counts of murder and wildlife violations for 22 years and is due to a rivalry with fellow owner Carole Baskin, who hired two different hitmen to kill him.

Renewal status:

Netflix has not formally renewed the Tiger King. Instead, its creators increase the net probability of a second Tiger King season.

There are reasons to expect more Tiger King as Netflix sets a precedent for the renewal of the documentary series. After his return in 2015, the iconic crime show “Making a Murderer” returned in 2018. On the other hand, after one season, the incredibly famous Wild Wild Country came to an end.

Expected release date:

The first season of Tiger King premiered on Netflix on March 20, 2024. Seven-hour episodes were released the same day.

If the second season of Tiger King happens, it can only be released after 2024.

Expected plot details:

Several unanswered questions, like what happened to Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle, are in series one. But a second series will potentially deal with that.

After being arrested, Jeff Lowe bought Joe’s zoo and is now CEO. He was allegedly charged that day with domestic abuse and also secretly smuggled a tiger cub in a suitcase.

Meanwhile, Doc Antel, founder and founding director of The Critically Endowed and Threatened Animals, also known as Tigers, still operates his company in Myrtle Beach, Florida, and is said to be Making a Great Fortune. While Tiger King is still incarcerated, producers are likely to investigate him as well.

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