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Tiger King: Here’s When The Special Episode Arrives At Netflix

The new episode has been officially confirmed by Netflix, an after-show update with new interviews with Tiger King documentary series subjects.

The latest Netflix series Tiger King has invaded the world. The man Joe Exotic, his zoo full of tigers and lions, and his life full of some of the most incredible real characters ever you can find, can not be stopped talking. Yet while Joe Exotic is now in jail, the Tiger King’s saga is not over. A new Tiger King episode is expected to come to Netflix this week.

Update From Justin Turner

The update came in the form of a cameo video, which eventually fell into Los Angeles Dodgers ‘hands with Justin Turner. During this video, Jeff Lowe confirms that this week there is a new Tiger King chapter. More interestingly, they seem to be filming the day after it was filmed. This video was posted on Saturday morning, April 4, on Justin Turner’s Twitter. We don’t know whether the video was taken that day or not, but it’s something that has happened this weekend in some way.

What Can We Expect From The Special Episode?

Well, if only last weekend Netflix was shooting things, it probably is not an extensive documentary type chapter. This would take longer to edit and plan, and it would probably not have such a quick turnaround. Alternatively, we think this is anything like Netflix’s meeting episode for Love is blind or the special that Oprah Winfrey planned to follow last year.

This was supposed to be a surprise that Netflix revealed shortly, and Jeff Lowe certainly would not put this information there. Maybe he didn’t intend it to be posted online.

But if you saw Tiger King, you know that Jeff Lowe doesn’t give the rules a damn. If it is Netflix or Jeff Lowe who announces the surprise of a new episode of the Tiger King, we are glad to get some form of follow up and hopefully, and there are good news that animals are well taken care of.

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