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The Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie Talks About Different Harley Quinn In The Upcoming DC Film

Margot Robbie teased fans that James Gun’s The Suicide Squad would show a new side of Harley Quinn. The actress will join the film’s panel at DC Fandom tomorrow to answer more vivid questions about her character and the film. The revamped band of villains is expected to appear on DC fandom.

What’s gonna happen in The Suicide Squad, how she would be in the different look?

Margot is fast returning as a mad criminal in James Gun’s The Suicide Squad. The movie will once again see a swarm of disorganized caretakers wreaking havoc. Although Margot’s role in the sequel is still unknown, she hinted that she would give fans some new aspects of her character in the film, which is quite different from her first DCEU appearance as Joker’s girlfriend. This time her costumes would be different from those which we have seen in previous movies of her, making Harley’s movie character similar to her comic counterpart.

 The Statement issued by her regarding the new look:-

Suicide Squad director joins Margot Robbie for female DC villains ...
Source:- The Gaurdian

“I’ve always loved playing Harley Quinn. Every time I’ve done it I’ve learned new things about her and it’s no different. When Harley is grouped with different people or in a different place She’s high. Seeing different aspects of her personality depends on how she feels about these people or things. So you can see new sides of Harley again. He’s one of the people. The new group belongs to a larger group of people. He’s crazier than ever. ”

Margot took her words from an interview for Birds of Prey earlier this year when she said, “You continue to meet her at various points in your life.” The suicide squad will mark Margot’s third time as criminal Harley Quinn.

She goes beyond being a part of a bad relationship with the Joker was the main focus of the bird hunt, so it will be interesting to see how the character develops. The direction of James Gunn, who is known to influence his films with comedy and complex emotional stories for each of his characters. Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated movies in the DCEU.

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