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The Stranded: Has Netflix Revealed Updates On Season 2

The Stranded is the most successful Thai television series, mixed with elements of Asian horror, science fiction drama, and fantasy.

This original Netflix series caught the attention of viewers. The first season of this most fictional series has had a significant impact on viewers’ minds, and fans are now excited and eagerly awaiting their next season.

It is the most exciting horror series that delighted audiences with its remarkable performance. A must-see for the original Thai Netflix series, it’s about the 30 students who are trapped on a mysterious island when a tsunami strikes.

After several days on this desolate island, they discover that no one will help or save them. Little by little in the season, we feel a strange presence that deeply worries everyone on the island.

When is The Stranded season 2 is going to air 

The release date of Trapped Season 2, the most spectacular series, has not been officially confirmed. Even Netflix hasn’t revealed anything about this upcoming season. But hopefully, the next season in this series will also follow the same trend we saw in the previous season. Stranded Season 1 will launch on Netflix on November 15, 2019. Therefore, the second season may end in 2024 or early 2024.

The storyline of The Stranded season 2

By the way, there isn’t much information on the plot of season 2. Also, it is difficult to predict the events of the next season because the previous season gave no clues about the next season. But Moot can somehow expect it to be more exciting and scary.

The cast members in The Stranded season

We believe this season will also be released like the previous season. Some of the artists’ names are mentioned below.

  • Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang as Joey
  • Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote as Kraam
  • Wynn Pawin Kulkaranyawich as Nat
  • Sinjai Plenpanich as Professor Lin
  • Chutawat Phatrkampol as Anan
  • Kittisak Patomburana as Ice
  • Ticha Wongthipkanont as Ying
  • Chanya McClory as Nahm

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