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The Simpsons: Disney Not Censoring The Show After Acquiring Fox

Here is what we know about the series called The Simpsons coming out on Disney Plus!

Well, well, well, at the point in time that The Walt Disney Company went on to acquire the majority of properties such as movies as well as TV shows which were in the 20th Century Fox. This event sent all the fans stressing about all the properties that did not exactly fit in the family-friendly slot of Disney.

But then we have Michael Price, the producer of The Simpsons who has recently confirmed that there has not been any sort of censorship from the new owners of the show and the series has been able to function without any form of setbacks.

A new season of The Simpsons is coming soon on Disney Plus!

All this while, we also do have a new season of this animated series just around the corner and this confirmation is surely going to please all the audience who were well aware that this sitcom has often toed up the line of good taste while the majority of the humor stays in the PG-13 universe only.

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CBR was confirmed by Price that he has not had any sorts of direct interactions with anyone from Disney as far as he can tell and they just let them do whatever they want to and make the series that they have been doing for almost 32 years.

Michael Price says that Disney is not disturbing the crew of the Simpsons to make shows according to them!

He also went in to say that those guys are well aware of the fact that everyone is aware of what they are doing and have been very helpful while it has been great that they have put the show on Disney Plus too.

Initially, we agree that it came out as a disappointment that The Simpsons is going to leave the platform of all the apps owned by Fox but then when the news came out that it is arriving on Disney Plus, it was a major relief.

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