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The Shooting For The Major Part Of ‘Stranger Things 4’ Will Be Done in New Mexico

Filming is underway for the fourth outing, and soon, the development will move to New Mexico.

The acclaimed Netflix hit would film “a significant portion” of the seasons in the Land of Enchantment in a new report from Deadline. The production will be based on ABQ Studios from Albuquerque, a physical studio that Netflix purchased in 2018. The growing scale of the show is a catalyst in the changing location of production, says Netflix production VP Momita Sen Gupta. The first three seasons of the series were recorded entirely in the studios in Atlanta.

“Season 4 is larger, more audacious and more dynamic than ever,” said Sen Gupta at the recent interview in New Mexico. “That’s the first time the show goes outside Atlanta.”

It is reported that Netflix spent around $30 million two years ago to buy studios in New Mexico. A diverse report from the time says New Mexico contributed $10 million to the acquisition, supplying the streamer with additional jobs. An extra $4.5 million was spent in the city of Albuquerque itself.

David Harbor

As the super fast teaser released earlier this year reveals, David Harbor’s character Jim Hopper is back in the season three final after apparently being vaporized. Before that teaser, Harbour was very vague when asked about the future of his character.

“I think Hopper — from the start I said this— he’s very lovable in a way, but he’s a kind of rough guy too,” said Harbour last year at the convention at Dortmund’s German Comic. A per him the had to die in a way. He had to make a compromise to compensate for the bitterness that he had for the past ten years. He had to die, then.

He said that, It would now be essential for him whether or not this second act happens, whether or not there is some sort of regeneration, whether or not they can see him go away in a certain way. He would love it. As per him Gandalf, the White battles the Balrog descends into the dark and fights him forever. And then it reappears with some new strength and power as Gandalf the White. To him, this would be a fascinating arc.

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