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The Rain: Does Martin Die In Season 3?

The loss of Simone is too much for Martin to bear, and since he is too weak, Simone’s brother Rasmus convinces him to take the virus.

Martin discovers that Simone is really alive. She tells Martin to stop or swallow the treatment. To protect himself, the virus leaves Martin’s body and attempts to kill Simone. To protect her, Martin performs a treatment that kills the virus inside her body. He falls ill and eventually dies.

Does Simone die?

While Simone appears to meet her disappearance in the season 2 premiere episode, she does not die. Simone fell to the edge of a bridge after trying to escape from Apollon when her brother Rasmus ordered them to bring him. He felt that the plant could heal itself and help prevent his brother from infecting the world.

The end of the rain is explained at the end.

In the end, Simone learns that she has no choice but to kill and kill her own brother Rasmus, which may be the last obstacle to receiving treatment. You need the virus injected. ]Rasmus’s girlfriend appears and causes Rasmus to undergo a change of heart. The bats and Sarah are left feeding the main flower (cure), causing an explosion that kills anyone who has the virus nearby. Simone and the rest of the group in the world prominently spread the cure and saved the rest of humanity.

In the final monologue, Simone pays tribute to her brother:

“You saved the world. It was you. My little brother. The plan was all the time: make sure you would never be alone. Instead, I am alonAnd we are rebuilding the world in your honour. You are in everything I do, in every In consideration.” My love, forever I love you. “

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