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The New Mutants: The Powers Of Cecilia Reyes

The New Mutants

The New Mutants awaits a new announcement date, another surfaces online revealing how Cecilia Reyes’ plays the role of Alice Braga incredible powers work. Since the series The New Mutants has had its release date postponed several times, some of its promotional content has made its way online.

The Writer and director Josh Boone is got started working on The New Mutants alongside his childhood best friend, Knate Lee, after completing his work on The Fault in Our Stars and began filming in 2017. The film has had four different statement dates with the most recent one, April 3, falling through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Role For Upcoming Movie

Reyes is one of the characters in the upcoming movie which features five mutants discovering their abilities while being held in a mysterious facility. She is a doctor with powers of her own, who is also a guide of species to the team. Reyes first got appeared in Marvel’s X-Men 65 issue, when the X-Men decided to revive her after finding out she was a new mutant.

Though she got continued joining the group, she became a valuable addition. Most of her health got involved in her medical knowledge more than her superpowers, and she first used her energies on accident when the guard jumped out, killing Jaeger, one of the X-Men’s villains. Eventually, Reyes discovered how to use and control the force at will.

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