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The Last Of Us TV Series: Latest Updates Regarding Release And Cast On Board

HBO has been working towards including some interesting projects to include in their newly released streaming service, HBO Max. Amongst these projects that are already in development, the network has also divided to adapt the all-time fan-favorite game The Last Of Us into a series. Let us take a look at all the details given below about the project.

HBO Is Finally Developing A Video Game Into A TV Series The Last Of Us! Here’s What We Know.

The whole adaptation into a television series might be time-consuming. It is already in development. Moreover, as per reports, the network has already hired a big name to direct the project and give it the touch of genius. Fans must be familiar with his work.

The Series Already Has Hired A Director As Well.

HBO has already included Johan Renck, and he has worked on some major shows like  Breaking Bad and Chernobyl. Although, the genius director has explained that he has been signed only for the pilot due as he cannot stay long committed to the entire series due to being hands full with another project going on.

Furthermore, as far as the plot is concerned, the show will more or less cover the plot revolving the original game. Moreover, the series might include the story bits from the original game itself. With the second game installment also nearing its release, we will have more story materials to look forward to it! However, there is yet no fixed announcement regarding that part. So, we have to wait for the first season to air on streaming service.

The Game Turned Series Is One Of The Highly Anticipated Project Under The HBO Banner!

HBO Max is prepping hard to give viewers an exclusive choice of projects for its streaming service. Amongst these projects is the game turned series adaptation, which is undoubtedly one of the projects that the network has high expectations on. Even subscribers are looking forward to how the game turned series is actually made that also from such an iconic game. We sure are excited to see how the adaptation turns out!

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