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The Flash: John Wesley Shipp Teases Huge Return Of Jay Garrick

The Flash: John Wesley Shipp Teases His Return Of Jay Garrick!!!

Interdepartmental travel is implicit as a thing of the past at Arrowverse, with your characters now believing there is no more variety and your friends and other counterparts. Those of the world are now lost. However, John Wesley Shipp, who periodically appears in The Flash as the golden age incarnation of Earth-3 protagonist and resident Jay Garrick, has prompted his return to the show.

With the unpopular reboot of DC Comics’ New 52 starting in 2011, the Justice Society of America was cut out of the main timeline, only to be reinstated a few years later with events of rebirth and history rewriting slowly. – He was approaching the front. This week, Ship tweeted the cover of The Flash # 750, stating that J was the Flash of the Supergroup in this new timeline and an original message, as well as a secret message, which can be seen below.

John Wesley Shipp Teases Return Of Jay Garrick:

Of course, the tweet can only be taken as the value that can be taken as an acknowledgment of the changing story of a classic hero, whose cultural vision has a little bit exists, but in the context of returning a character to a continuum that you previously removed, it seems too close to be a coincidence for the current AeroVersion situation.

Despite having seen a montage from other Earths after the Multiverse, which was restored at the end of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” several Arrowverse programs have only referred to one that still exists that was identified as the Earth Principal. I was, folding Earth-1 together.

In which Arrow, The Flash and Batwoman, Supergirl’s Earth-38 and the undivided Earth where Black Lightning took place were established. The state of the multiverse has been under-investigated since the “Crisis” ended, and in fact, how is it possible that the show’s event now replicates what happened on the same planet, its history has not been explored, and will probably never happen due to the complexity of the problem, respectively.

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