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The Eyes of The Dragon: Possibilities of Revival And Other Details

Stephen King is one of the most beloved authors today. His novels have found several readers and followers. Over the years, his work has been the inspiration behind several hit films and series. Many of his works can be seen on the big and the small screen. One of his novels, The Eyes Of The Dragon, is one of his greatest works. Published in 1984, the book has not been adapted as a film or series yet. There have been several talks over the years to adapt the novel into a movie or series, but it never happened.

Recently, Hulu decided to make a series on The Eyes Of The Dragon. But, later, it was reported that the streaming network is backing out of the project. The fans and followers of The Eye Of The Dragons novel wonder if there is a possibility of the revival of the series. Here is everything we know about the possibility of The Eyes Of The Dragon being adapted into a series.

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The Eye Of The Dragons: Is There Is A Possibility Of Revival Of The Series By Hulu?

Last year, streaming platform Hulu acquired the rights to Stephen King’s novel, The Eye Of The Dragons. The network appointed a team to work on the project. But, earlier this year, it was reported that Hulu is backing out of the series. The possibility of Hulu reviving the series and working on the project seems grim.

The Eyes Of The Dragon: Why Did Hulu Back Out The Series Project?

Hulu recently decided to back out of the series based on Stephen King’s The Eyes Of The Dragon. It has been reported that the network backed out of the project due to budget issues. There were also some changes made behind the scene.

The Eyes Of The Dragon: What Is The Premise Of Stephen King’s Novel?

The Eyes Of The Dragon is a fantasy novel and revolves around two brothers, Peter and Thomas, who reside in the Kingdom of Delan. Peter was to be the king after his father, but Flagg, the palace’s magician manipulates Thomas. He kills the king and blames Peter so that Thomas becomes the king.

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