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The Conjuring 3: Release To Get Pushed For A Year!

The Conjuring franchise is till now considered to be one of the best horror films. Since most of them, especially the former two Conjuring movies, were based on real-life incidents, which is why it created itself a sense of horror and fear amongst the viewers. And fans were pleased after the makers officially announced conjuring 3. And we cannot expect the film to happen without two lead protagonists portraying Ed And Lorraine Warren as the paranormal investigators.

Release Date Of The Conjuring 3

The movie is all set to release on September 11, 2024, for the worldwide audience. However, we know that almost all the films and shows have been either delayed for just a few months or they have been postponed until next year because of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken a considerable toll drastically and is not stopping by.

The Conjuring 3
Source: Warner Bros.

Every person, along with every industry, has been severely affected because of the deadly outbreak. This has even led to the suspension of production activities and shutting down of theatres and any other public place to prevent the further spread being the only way possible. And in such a situation where the situation is not coming under control, it is tough that the movie would get a release on the big screens. The makers have no intention to launch it on the online streaming platforms. And afterall, they are right since not all films can be launched on OTT platforms as a lot of hard work and efforts are put into to create an impact which is possible only on the big screens in cinema halls.

Makers Might Postpone The Release Date

If reports are to be believed, the makers are considering the option to postpone the release of the film for atleast a year seeing the situation. Because even if the film gets a thumbs up to release, it would still not very profitable because not many people would be able to come together and watch it to maintain social distancing. So we believe that this would be the right and sensible decision to come up with since we all have heard that good things take time and patience bears the best fruit.

So if the film gets delayed, then probably the next release date would turn out for September 2024; yes, a year perhaps. So till then, let’s just wait for any further official update from the makers, and we would have no option but to accept their decision.

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