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Sweet Magnolias Season 2: 5 Things We Know So Far

The heartfelt stories of the three childhood friends seem to have captured millions of hearts in the new Netflix romantic drama series Sweet Magnolias! The story went through various twists and turns only to leave fans asking for more in the season 1 finale!

When Will Netflix Renew Sweet Magnolias For Season 2? Here’s What We Know.

While Netflix has yet not renewed the show for another season, how things were left off by the makers might be a hint of a second season coming soon enough! While the three friends battle their own demons and aim forward for their business, there a lot that these women have to figure out!

Fans Want To Know More About The Unfinished Stories! P.S.: Spoilers Ahead.

While the second season is not yet a sure thing, the first season sure left a few questions behind. Will Maggie accept her ex-husband after whatever he did to her? Who was in the passenger seat of the car that met with the terrible accident? Will Dana Sue reconcile things with her husband just for her daughter’s sake? Take a look at this Twitter post were the writers of the show are asking fans to watch the show.

While fans are getting for a second season soon enough, even the writers of the show are urging fans to watch and rewatch the show in order to convince the streaming giant to renew the show soon enough. It is the biggest cliffhanger that left fans gasping for more is who was in the passenger seat of the car at the end?

Will Maddie And Coach Cal Reunite After Their Big Fight?

Moreover, while there’s still a lot to figure out, the showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson is also hopeful about a second season and talks about wanting to narrate the story further as she loves the characters. Dans are also rooting for Maddie and coach Cal to reunite after their big fight. Will Tyler finally realize his affections or is it too late? Is Coach Cal the one who is in the passenger seat? Is it too late for Maddie or not?

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