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Suspected Detained By Officers After They Cracked A Cold Murder Case

Deputies state that it was a quiet Sunday night in 2005 when 79-year-old Beverly Bobrick was murdered.

79-year-old Beverly Bobrick’s neighbors in Port Richey saw she had not taken her morning newspaper, so they checked her house and informed the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office they discovered a back window cracked open and the screen forced in.

Deputies discovered the 79-year-old dead in her bedroom. Deputies also found her dog dead.

It was not the first time the deputies had been there. Bobrick’s house was broken into weeks earlier, and a burglar got away with about $80.

Bobrick’s neighbor William Meade said that “And as far as I am concerned, the same sun of a gun came back and performed it again and murdered her. And he had to kill the dog on top of it? What sort of people are these?”

Detectives examined into a possible link to an attempted burglary a few streets away, but the search went nowhere.

After 15 years of murder, now a man is under arrest.

34-year-old Brian Vincent Stoll charged with first-degree murder of the 79-year-old in 2005.

Brian Vincent Stoll was 19-year-old when he killed Beverly Bobrick.

According to Pasco County court documents, Stoll was arrested in 2005 for battery on a person 65 or older, but the charges were dropped the following year.

In 2006, he was convicted of robbery, grand theft, and witness intimidation for a series of offenses that spanned from April to Sep. 2005 – the month deputies state he killed Beverly Bobrick.

The authorities have not released further information about the case.

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