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Stranger Things Season 4: Potential Contenders For Antagonist

Stranger Things is already getting more heat after its third season and the death of Jim Hopper tormented some fans. But later it ruled out as Hopper comes out alive in a special teaser and fans can’t keep their cool afterward. However, the main deal for the fourth season will be its antagonist and there are many worthy contenders for the empty void.

So here are the potential contenders which could be a severe headache for the town.

Mind Flayer

Never rule out the evil genius out of the picture as he has several ways to get into the game and provide damage to the town. However, the beast showed his true form in the last season with the help of some flayed bodies and his connection with the gate is inevitable. So turn on the gates will simply send an invite to him for mass destruction.


Jim Hopper is still alive but there are massive theories that it’s his doppelganger who found in Russia. But we totally ruled out this theory as he could survive the impact after closing the gates and the Russians took him as a Captive. At the end of the third season, there was a mention of American when a Demogorgon eats a captive. So there are chances that American could be Hopper and the biggest twist is that he could be used as a gateway for Mind Flayer as he already knows the town and most of all, he is the closest to Eleven.

So he is in the pole position to be the next bad guy in the upcoming season. We are already rooting for Hopper vs Eleven as she will surely regain her powers to defeat Mind Flayer and end it once for all.

The last season could be divided into two parts as showrunners looking forward to further expansion. So there will be more years of Strangers Things and the fourth season likely to hit Netflix on July 4, 2024.

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