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Stranger Things Season 4: Duffer Brothers Gave Details For The Guest Stars Who Will Feature In Final Season

The last-minute of Stranger Things Season 3 sets the roadmap for Netflix hits

David Harbour as Hopper is dead. Millie Bobby Brown as XI has lost her superpowers. The Byers and XI families move from Hawkins, Indiana. There is a Demogorgon in Russian captivity.

So what happens next?

While Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed the release date of season 4, but creators Ross and Matt Duffer are ready and know where Stranger Things 4 will go.

Ross Duffer says,

“We don’t want to write to each other in a corner, so we try to make sure from these early conversations with the writers that we are preparing to go in the right direction.” “We don’t know much, but we do know a lot of big shots. At the end of the second season, we knew about Billy. The Russians will come in, we knew. We didn’t know the malls and stuff, but, we know these big changes. We have a big stroke. Now it’s about filling those lines in detail. We are really excited about this potential.

I think it is the right thing to do and I think it will be exciting, adds Matt Duffer: “I think the most important thing that will happen is that, in terms of special effects, it doesn’t necessarily open up a bit in terms of scale, but it does allow you to draw lines in areas outside of Hawkins Open with reference to.”

The biggest question about casting seems to be answered:

A scene from the end of the third season contained an imprisoned American who hinted that Police Chief Hopper had survived the misty events of that episode. And then Hopper appeared in a teaser of season 4, one of the final details given before filming, which passed to Hiatus.

The sources also said on ”Halloween 2019” that the show will add four new male characters including three teens and one adult. The show did not confirm the news, but the source says the teenager is a metalhead, sportsman, and narcotics addict, and that the adult male has characteristics that suggest he is far from prominent in a certain plot.

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