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Stranger Things: Hopper Alive In Season 4 After Logo Spoils His Return?

Stranger Things audiences in the final episode of season three were left wholly distracted. Netflix devastated fans, Jim Hopper (played by David Harbor) as the patriarch of the show, supposedly killed while the Russians who were trying to open a gate to the Upside Down.

What Occurs To Hopper At The End Of Stranger Things Season 3?

While standing beside the machine which opened a portal in space-time, Hopper urged Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) to turn it off and break it down and cause it to explode.

While the fear of the evil Mind Flayer stopped, it exploded and carried Hopper.

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This incident left both the characters and fans in tatters as they began to mourn him immediately. Shortly afterward, however, the audience pointed to the post-credit scene as evidence that Hopper not only survived but was captivated by the Russians.

Soon after the third season, Netflix released a video confirming the show’s fourth season.

Reddit user u / Emily-Savage has now digitally updated the season 4 logo to reveal hidden images or words.

And they claim that they find the figure of a man within the four logos of the season.

Will Hopper Come Back In Stranger Things Season 4?

If this were Hopper in the Upside Down, it would show that he not only survived but also jumped through the dimension gate to avoid any damage.

Another viewer agreed with this assessment and added: “I tinkered with the image, but in one of the iterations I’d seen you could see that the image, obviously a person’s figure, retains anything.”

Or is this just a mistake that shouldn’t happen?

In the meantime, viewers in a variety of Hopper theories have poked holes and say that he is, dead.

A fan on Reddit pointed out that the show could not be held in Russia since it was the time of the Cold War.

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