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Still Game Season 8 On Netflix? But When? Release Date? Cast? And Other Details

Still Game is a British comedy show that is one of the funniest shows that has made people laugh with its seven seasons.

The show is a sequel to Chevin the Fat and is a long-running comedy show. The show first started in theaters and then went slowly on radio and television and gradually gained immense popularity.

The popularity of the show made it possible for the previously available show to air nationally on BBC Scotland. The BBC show then made its place on Netflix, where seven seasons of the show are available.

Will there be a new season for Still Game on Netflix?

However, the game first appeared on Netflix in January 2015. Initially, it was released on Netflix with six seasons. The show returned two years later with the seventh season on Netflix, which aired in the UK. If we follow this past trend, we can expect the show to launch on Netflix in 2024 so that fans have to wait.

The show’s previous expected date was October 2019, but fans faced disappointment. Season 8 of the show is expected to air on Netflix on April 15, 2024, in the US. USA

When will Other Territory Streaming Still Game season 8 be released?

Other regions can be expected to reach season 8 very soon. The BBC is very patchy with its release schedule. For the UK fan, the season will be released a little later on Netflix, as Season 8 is still available on BBC iPlayer. Season 7 is still broadcast in many other regions of the world.

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