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Spider-Man Miles Morales: What You Should Know About Sony’s Exclusive

Playstation 5 reveal was getting much hype as the next-gen will be arriving this holiday season. But not just console, which makes the event exciting, some marked their presence felt, and fans will love to have them on board as we know that Sony has distinguished rights for Marvel’s famous character Spider-Man.

Sony is also highly-focused on the character and released many games regarding the role; the last edition is Spider-man in Ps4, which almost shook the gaming industry. Now there is another one on the platform, and this time Insomniac’ Miles Morales will be the new Spiderman in the city of New york.

Miles Morales 

If we are talking about the spider-verse, then Miles was the youngest SpidermanSpiderman who stepped into the occasion and clinched the tag. Now in the game, there will be a much older version of him, and he looks too cool in his favorited spiderman attire.

Release Date

Release dates are pretty hard to predict when the only a year was mentioned for a possible release. But if the game will be Ps5 exclusive, then it could be a bundle pack for the next-gen console. Yes, you can grab a copy of Spider-Man Miles Morales when the console is hitting the market. As there are no such suitable contenders that make the bundle for the next-gen console. So either it will be Spiderman or some similar game will be on the cards for sure.