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Spider-Man 3: Marisa Tomei Teases What Will Happen With Aunt May Next

The Spider-Man universe (or multiverse) is going through the best moment in its history—almost daily news about new products starring the superhero created by Stan Lee.

The success of the superhero on the small and big screen has been awarded the new installment of ” Spider-Man: A new universe 2 ” or as one of the great releases that Sony announced at its conference yesterday with the new adaptation of the superhero to Play Station with ” Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. ” As the arachnid universe expands, Marvel continues to prepare a new installment of the superhero with “Spider-Man 3”.

MCU's Spider-Man 3: Marisa Tomei Teases What To Expect Of Aunt May
Source: Screen Rant

Postpone Premiere :

Despite having had to postpone filming and premiere of the UCM film because of the COVID-1 9, Marisa Tomey has offered us more details about the film. The actress who has played Aunt May since ” Captain America: Civil War” was interviewed on Screen Rant for the premiere of her movie.”

The King of State Island, ” however, Tomey commented on what the role of Aunt May holds. ” Well, I had a conversation with him [the director]. Jon Watts and I always talked about her being an organizer for the community, ” he said. ” EI hopes this fact expands and is part of this part as well, “he pointed out about his participation in” Spider-Man 3 “.

Release Date Spider-man :

The plot of the third film starring Tom Holland is still unknown, although the story is expected to follow after the end of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” at which point Peter Parker’s secret identity was revealed after his death from Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhall).

The agreement between Marvel and Sony last summer allowed the character to be kept in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The release date, November 5, 2024, is getting closer, so it would not be surprising to know details of the film once it returns to filming

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