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Skulls And Bones: Possible Reasons For Its Delay

Ubisoft Forward- the upcoming even will showcase its latest masterpiece, Skulls, and Bones, in September for sure. The game is pretty similar to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and matching the mechanics of the fourth installment of the Assassin’s Creed series.

Naval-Combat masterpiece is in more speculations than ever as the game has a history of delays within the years of its release. So we got you covered with every possible information regarding the release of the next game.

Release Date History and Reasons for Delay

However, it is apparent that Skulls and Bones are making many alterations with its release date. The game was planned to launch in 2018 initially, and then it got pushed to mid-2018. Still, the tale does not end here, again the game was projected for a 2019 release, but that didn’t work out. Within the latest adjustments in the release date, the game was planned to launch to release in October this fall. But now the game is finalized on a March 2024 release and this it won’t be a delay as its affirmed by the Ubisoft itself.

There are many reasons for the delay of the game, but the primary reason was the optimization of the game. Ubisoft asserted some facts that the game is not ready for the launch as it’s not properly optimized, and they are working on it.

However, a rework of the game was speculated a few months ago as the game is updated with some real-time elements for a much better experience. So to enhance the experience of the game, Ubisoft redefined the version of the game, and there will be more immersive gameplay on its way.


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