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Showrunner Teases Spoilers Including Archie’s Death For Riverdale Season 5

Here is what we know about Archie dying in the fifth season of Riverdale!

Well, what do we hear? It is speculated that their redhead pal is also being said goodbye to after The Riverdale teens are waving their farewells to this wholesome journey they had in high school.

Roberto Aguirre Sacasa is the showrunner of this drama which airs on The CW and he has dropped some of the biggest hints ever about the upcoming season of Riverdale which is the fifth one. Back on Thursday, he had posted a pair of title pages on the social networking platform called Twitter for the third and fourth episodes of the upcoming season.

Here is what the recent update about Riverdale is!

All this while, it should also be known to you guys that the whole cast members are doing the table reads of the episode through Zoom virtual calls. This news has been reported by EP. The third episode has received a title called Graduation and is going to feature Archie as well as the whole gang members as we will witness them graduating from Riverdale High.

This episode was actually supposed to happen in the fourth installment itself but it was before the show had to stop its process of filming early because of the pandemic which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus.

Here is what people think that Archie is going to die!

But its fourth episode which goes by the name Purgatory has got each and every fan worried about Archie. The title page for it has a cartoon picture that depicts Veronica as well as Betty along with Jughead who are mourning at a grave. Well, this has fans speculating over the fact that Archie might actually die after the whole combat. This is because he was talking about joining the Naval Academy.

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